Last game of the World Championship against Luxembourg and our National team tried but could not get the desired result. The final score of 3-2 clearly shows that any team could have won today, and despite many injuries from the Greek side, the team played very well. Luck was not on our side once again, and despite the many opportunities, especially in the second period, we were unable to equalize and eventually go ahead in the score.

Congratulations to all our players who tried their best and made ​​us proud once again!

The points of the National Team:

7Lefteris Fournogerakis101
19Georgios Kalyvas (A)101
17Panagiotis Koulouris011

Georgios Kalyvas (A) was named MVP of the game.

Panagiotis Koulouris was named MVP of the National Team for the whole tournament.


In a packed stadium, with the Greek fans cheering non-stop for the National Team, the players faced the home team and the favorite for the gold medal South Africans. Although it was a tough game the players gave their 100%. Luck was and patience was not on the Greek side, since the many penalties helped the South Africans score 5 power-play goals. Unlike previous games, the third period was the good one for the National Team, clearly showing that they can compete against any opponent.
Special thanks to all the Greeks that came to the ice rink to support our National Team.

The points of the National Team:

17Panagiotis Koulouris101
7Lefteris Fournogerakis011
21Dimitris Kalyvas (C)011

Spyros-Dalibor Ploutsis was named MVP of the National Team.
In the other matches of Day 4:
DPR Korea – Ireland 2 – 1
Luxembourg – United Arab Emirates 8 – 1


Third day of the World Championship and the National Team, despite starting the game very well, did not get the positive result. After two periods the score was 2-1 in favor of DPR Korea but the players of the National Team showed that they could run away with a win. The team started the 3rd period very strong with 2 great opportunities (one hit the post and the other missed an empty net), luck was not on the National Team side and instead of tying the game 2-2, it became 3-1. At this point, the players had no more powers, and the game eventually ended 7-1.

The points of the National Team:

22Kyriakos Adamidis101
8Iason Pachos011
10Alexandros Valsamas-Rallis011

Kyriakos Adamidis was named MVP of the National Team.

In the other matches of Day 3:
Luxembourg – Ireland 5 – 0
South Africa – United Arab Emirates 15 – 0


A great victory for the Greek National Team on the second day of the World Championship, defeating the United Arab Emirates with a final score of 4-3. The opponents started off the game really well scoring twice and surprising the Greek squad. Despite the initial shock the National Team regrouped and turned the game around scoring 4 unanswered goals ending the second period. The team was pressing throughout the whole game showing that losing was not an option. The performance of Georgios Kalyvas was remarkable considering he had been injured just a day before, scoring the equalizing goal. Panagiotis Koulouris, newcomer to the National Team scored 2 goals and helped with his great performance. Finally, Georgios Fiotakis was great between the pipes, even saving a penalty shot just five minutes before the end of the game and while the score was 4-3.

The points of the National Team:

17Panagiotis Koulouris213
21Dimitris Kalyvas (C)033
24Nikolaos Papadopoulos022
13Ioannis Koufis101
19Georgios Kalyvas (A)101

Nikolaos Papadopoulos was named MVP of the National Team.

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First day of the Championship and the result does not reflect in any way the image of the game. An unfair defeat for the National team that lost to Ireland 6-3. The game was undecided in the first 2 periods. The Greek National Team seemed to out-play Ireland, taking 41 shots and it appeared that they can walk away with the victory. But unfortunately a bad third period cost the Greeks the game.

The points of the National Team:

21Dimitris Kalyvas (C)022
17Panagiotis Koulouris101
10Alexandros Valsamas-Rallis101
11Orestis Tilios (A)101
24Nikolaos Papadopoulos011

Panagiotis Koulouris was named MVP of the National Team

In the other matches of Day 1:
DPR Korea – United Arab Emirates 5 – 3
Luxembourg – South Africa 2 – 5


15-21 April 2013 - Grandwest Ice Arena - Cape Town, South Africa
15.04.2013DPR Korea - United Arab Emirates5 : 3
15.04.2013HELLAS - Ireland3 : 6
15.04.2013Luxembourg - South Africa2 : 5
16.04.2013United Arab Emirates -HELLAS3 : 4
16.04.2013DPR Korea - Luxembourg5 : 2
16.04.2013South Africa - Ireland7 : 4
18.04.2013Luxembourg - Ireland5 : 0
18.04.2013DPR Korea - HELLAS7 : 1
18.04.2013South Africa - United Arab Emirates15 : 0
19.04.2013Ireland - DPR Korea1 : 2
19.04.2013United Arab Emirates - Luxembourg1 : 8
19.04.2013HELLAS- South Africa1 : 8
21.04.2013Luxembourg - HELLAS3 : 2
21.04.2013Ireland - United Arab Emirates7 : 3
21.04.2013South Africa - DPR Korea4 : 1

*the schedule of the games are Greek time zone.

Hellenic National Team 2013

The Hellenic Ice Sports Federation, and the coaches Grigoris Apostolidis and Panagiotis Efkarpidis have chosen the 20 athletes that will represent Greece at the upcoming World Championship:
2013 IIHF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Div. III : 15-21 April 2013 Cape Town, South Africa

1Giorgos FiotakisGoalieALBATROS
2Pavlos KasampoulisForwardIPTAMENI
4Polykarpos AmanatidisDefenceARIS
5Nikolaos ChatzigiannisDefenceIPTAMENI
6Georgios KoulelesForwardIPTAMENI
7Eleftherios FournogerakisForwardMADCOWS
8Iasonas PachosForwardIPTAMENI
10Alexandros Valsamas-RallisForwardIPTAMENI
11Orestis Tilios (A)DefenceIPTAMENI
12Dimitris MalamasForwardARIS
13Ioannis KoufisForwardIPTAMENI
14Diogenis SourasDefenceIPTAMENI
15Antonis KanellisForwardAVANTES
16Marios LybertosDefenceIPTAMENI
17Panagiotis KoulourisForwardARIS
19Georgios Kalyvas (A)ForwardIPTAMENI
21Dimitris Kalyvas (C)ForwardIPTAMENI
22Kyriakos AdamidisForwardPAOK
24Nikolaos PapadopoulosDefencePAOK
25Spyros-Dalibor PloutsisGoalieIPTAMENI

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