[Video] Remembering the Silver Medal!

We celebrate the 5-year anniversary of the silver medal won by the Greek National Ice Hockey Team at the World Championship Div.III held in Luxembourg in April 2010.
This achievement was the greatest in the history of the sport in Greece, and it came after many sacrifices, difficulties and obstacles that the athletes and coaches had to surpass.

Nothing came easy for this team.

Without the appropriate infrastructure and despite the indifference of government officials, the players wore the Greek National Jersey with pride and gave their very best, bringing home the silver medal. Finally, after years of effort and despite the many difficulties, the hard work of our players paid off!
Today, five years later, unfortunately, nothing reminds us of this success. The National Team has been dismantled, there is no Greek League, and the sport in general is almost extinct. Only activity is some friendly games between various clubs that still remain, and some romantics who continue to coach the youth teams. Nothing reminds us of the glorious period of Greek ice hockey where the success of the sport was front-page news of the official page of the IIHF, almost on a monthly basis.
The video was created for the older generation to remember but also to teach the youth that Ice Hockey in Greece has a glorious history with great athletes who sacrificed a lot to bring these amazing results. The moments lived by our athletes are unique. You can witness the love that the athletes share for the sport, their country and their team! You can also see the passion with which they sing the National Anthem and the strong bond that they had with each other.

The Greek Men’s National ice hockey team 2010. Thank you for making us proud.

Greek All-Stars – Canadian Navy 7-7

A great game was played between the Greek All-Stars and players of the Canadian Navy. Final score 7-7! The Greek goals were scored from Chilas (2), Valsamas-Rallis (2), Patsis (2) and Kokkonos (1). 

It was the second friendly game against a team from the Canadian Navy (different ship) was was played in Athens. More to come!

The players of both teams are accompanied by the “IPTAMENAKIA” (IPTAMENI Athens youth team) in the traditional photo taken before the game.

Greek All-Stars – Canadian Navy 10-5

A great and fast game was played yesterday at Athens Heart ice rink between the Greek All-Stars and players of the Canadian Navy. Final score 10-5 for the Greek All-Stars. All those that came to the rink had an opportunity to watch a great game, filled with action and nice goals by both teams. The fans were cheering both teams showing that sports unites nations.

Friendly ice hockey game

The All-Stars of the Greek Ice hockey league, comprised of players from Iptameni and Albatros, will play a friendly game against sailors from the Canadian Navy that will be in Pireas during the last week of November.

The game is scheduled for November 28th at 9pm at the Athens Heart ice rink located on Pireos 186 in Athens.

Admission is free for anyone that would like to come and watch a great ice hockey game.

Great honor for Dimitris Kalyvas

The jersey worn by the captain of the National Team Dimitris Kalyvas at the 2010 IIHF World Ice Hockey Championship Div.III held in Luxembourg along with his silver medal won in the games are now displayed in Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto.

Great honor for him but also for Greek Ice Hockey and the Greek National Team.

Greek Hockey gets back in the game!

The members of Team Greece celebrate their Division IIIqualification.

The members of Team Greece celebrate their Division III qualification.

Once upon a time….02.20.2008

The members of Team Greece have pulled off one of the most remarkable comebacks in international hockey history. After a nine-year absence from international competition, they’ve made a successful return. Even more notably, the team has fought to preserve a sport that was on the brink on extinction and given it hope for the future.

Recently, Team Greece emerged victorious in the IIHF Division III World Championship qualification tournament played in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina on Feb. 15-17. In addition to the host nation and the Greeks, the round-robin tourney included Armenia. The members of Team Greece celebrate their Division III Team Greece defeated Bosnia and Herzegovina by a 10-1 count and downed Armenia, 8-5. As a result, Team Greece has earned a spot in the 2008 Division III Worlds in Luxembourg.

“It has been a very long road to get to this point,” said Team Greece captain Dimtris Kalyvas. “There’s still work to do before Luxembourg, but our team is prepared to continue working hard to do whatever it takes for Greek hockey to succeed. We are as hungry and passionate a team as you will find anywhere.”
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Greek hockey – against all odds

Once upon a time…
Efforts by leaders like Kalyvas bring the Greek national team back to IIHF competitions.

Team Greece in Sumperk, Czech Republic, Sept. 2007

If there was a gold medal awarded for perseverance and determination to overcome severe hardships, the national hockey team of Greece would be a richly deserving winner. The story of the players’ inspiring fight to keep their team together – and keep the sport of ice hockey alive in their homeland – has all the makings of a Hollywood film.

For most of the last fourteen years, the Greek team has persevered in the face of long odds. In the 1990s, the Greek government cut off all funding to the hockey program. Since 2003, Greece has been just one of one two European member countries without a viable hockey rink in the country.

Through it all, the Greek hockey players found ways to persevere. Under the leadership of team captain Dimitris Kalyvas, the players have gone to extraordinary lengths to stay together on and off the ice. The players pooled their own resources to continue playing, even selffunding trips to practice and play in the Czech Republic.

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Once upon a time…

Once upon a time, Greek Ice Hockey was featured on iihf.com and nhl.com


The National Team players would like to thank all the true friends of the team, which over the years have supported and stood next to them in happy times and most difficult moments! Without your support, nothing would be possible! Thank you!

Game over for National Team!

The International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) decided today, at the Annual Congress held in Sweden, to ban the Men’s Hellenic National Team (and all future national team of all categories) from the world championships until an Olympic sized ice rink opens in Greece. More details soon to come. 

2013 IIHF World Championship Div.III

The 2013 IIHF World Championship is over and the National Team left Cape Town with mixed feelings.

Our National team represented Greece once again in this very important international event, and had to compete against experienced opponents in conditions outside the Greek reality.

The lack of proper preparation of our athletes, had an obvious negative impact on their performance and the final results. The players were obviously disappointed by the final standings. Disappointment, because everyone knows that if the players of this team had the opportunity to train in an Olympic size ice rink and at reasonable hours, they would have accomplished amazing results.

Despite all these factors, the appearance of the national team was successful!

This year the National Team was composed not only by the well-known experienced athletes who kept the level of the Team high for the past years, but also by new players who helped significantly and gave new hope to the team. Both our goalies, Spyros Ploutsis and Georgios Fiotakis, gave their best, protecting the net of the National Team once again! Despite the many serious injuries, our athletes did not give up and kept fighting until the last minute, to make us proud again!

The scorers of our National Team were Panagiotis Koulouris, Dimitris Kalyvas, Nikolaos Papadopoulos, Georgios Kalyvas, Lefteris Fournogerakis, Alexandros Valsamas-Rallis, Ioannis Koufis, Orestis Tilios, Kyriakos Adamidis and Iason Pachos. Of course all the other athletes, Polykarpos Amanatidis, Nikos Chatzigiannis, Georgios Kouleles, Diogenis Souras, Pavlos Kasampoulis, Marios Libertos, Antonis Kanellis and Dimitris Malamas, also contributed in order for the National Team to have a good presence in the World Championship.

Most Valuable Player of the Championship for our National Team was Panagiotis Koulouris.

Special thanks to ETALON, who sponsored the National Team.
Special thanks to all the Greek fans that supported the National Team, by either coming to the ice rink or by sending words of encouragement. THANK YOU!